Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Home safety should be a priority when preparing for the holidays. From holiday festivities to holiday décor, consider ways to make your Selden, NY home a safe, comfortable environment for family and friends. The following home safety tips from XL Brokerage Inc. offer some sound advice on how to create a safer home environment this holiday season.  


Christmas decorations are at the heart of holiday celebrations as they set the mood for festive occasions. If you’re setting up a live tree, keep in mind it needs to be watered regularly so it doesn’t dry out. A dry tree can be a fire hazard. Make sure your tree is far from heat sources like vents, portable heaters, and fireplaces. Check Christmas lights before putting them on the tree to be sure they’re in good condition, i.e. no frayed cords, broken bulbs, etc. Place glass or pointy ornaments up high, out of reach of pets and children. If you’re using an artificial tree, make sure it’s fire-resistant.


Declutter your entryway, living room and stairs to avoid accidents. Clutter is not only unsightly, but it also takes up valuable space that guests need to move about freely. Clutter can also be a fire hazard.


Have your fireplace and chimney inspected by a professional before using. Never leave your fireplaces unattended after lighting a fire, especially if there are children around. Use wisdom when decorating your fireplace as stockings and garland placed too close to the flames could easily catch on fire.

Smoke Detection Devices

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re working properly. Keep a portable fire extinguisher within easy reach in the kitchen as a preventative measure against grease fires.

Home Insurance

Review your home insurance policy to ensure you’re protected against the risk of holiday accidents. To learn more about home insurance coverage and costs, contact your XL Brokerage Inc. agent in Selden, NY.

Tips to Protect Your Car From Snow Damage and Winter Weather

Living in Selden, NY, you experience the damage that snow and winter weather can cause to your property. At XL Brokerage Inc. we know that your car or vehicle will also take the most damage since they travel the snow-covered roadways daily as you commute to work and other areas in this weather. Below are some of our best tips to protect your car from this damage. 

Keep your car washed 

That’s right. Throughout the winter season, make sure to periodically have your car washed to remove the salt build-up from the roads. This can rust the undercarriage of your car, depreciating the value of it and also exposing this area to the elements. 

Keep it covered

If you are one of our clients who has a garage, make sure to use it through the winter months. When you park your car on the roadways, you are not only covering it in snow but also salt from the snowplow that is traveling through the night to keep the roads cleared. This will minimize any external damage. 

Fill your fluids

Before the weather gets too cold, it is essential to fill up on the following:

  • Antifreeze
  • Fresh oil change
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid

These fluids should be at their proper levels prior to the frigid temperatures so that they can continue to operate your car and do so successfully in the winter weather. If these fluids are too low during the winter, they can keep your car from operating and leave you stranded in the cold. 

Layer your car with Auto Insurance

Upgrade your Selden, NY auto insurance policy today when you give our agents a call at XL Brokerage Inc. We are here to answer your questions and take your call today.