Commercial Insurance Needs When Travel Is A Part Of The Job

We understand the needs of New Yorker’s since we are of that ilk ourselves. At XL Brokerage Inc. in Selden, NY we don’t let the hustle bustle of "The Big Apple" get to us or to you. Just about 40 miles east on Manhattan we know how to take a bite out of it without letting it take a bite out of you or your insurance budget. 

Employees who have travel as a main component of their work life have so many extra concerns added to their responsibility list as their non-traveling counterparts. As a result of the extra burden of having to travel to maintain a job many employers take on the bulk of the financial burden. 

Commercial Insurance Needs When Travel Is A Part Of The Job? 

Note the question mark on the end of that subtitle. Your first step in answering what is needed here is the ascertain what is already provided. The time to find out is not when a claim of liability has been drawn on you or by you. Speak with the staffers of your human resources department or other appropriate entity at work to determine where you stand. It is not only about what is reimbursed or out right paid for, insurance is about what if the unforeseen is right in your face.  

XL Brokerage Inc. specializes in many different types of insurance coverage to meet the liability areas of your life. Located in picturesque Selden, NY in Brookhaven township you are invited to simply drop in to ask a question about an existing policy you own with us or about how to purchase a brand new policy. We are housed in Suffolk County, NY at just about the center of Long Island, Nassau County and New York City residents are welcome.  

Common Question Regarding Renter’s Insurance

Did you know that nearly all homeowners carry home insurance, while the majority of renters do not carry a renter’s policy?

If you happen to currently  be a renter, and for some reason you are renting your apartment without renters insurance, now is a great time to consider the benefits offered by a renter’s insurance policy in and around Selden, NY.

Here are a few questions to ask an agent from XL Brokerage Inc. regarding renter’s insurance in and around the Selden, NY area:

Why doesn’t my landlord’s insurance policy cover their tenant(s) interests?

While most commercial policies have a few provisions for tenants, a landlord’s policy is put in place to PROTECT THE LANDLORD’s interests.

The bottom line – you need your own insurance coverage as a renter .

Will renter’s insurance be a smart choice even if I am just starting out and have relatively little to lose, in the way of belongings?

Yes. If a tragic event occurs and even if you only have little to lose, your finances will definitely take a direct hit if you were the victim of this scenario.

Think about some of personal possessions you would have to replace, or do without like:

  • Furniture

  • Computers

  • Cell phones

  • Clothing

What would happen if these items were stolen or destroyed by fire?

How much insurance is required?

This is a challenging question, as the coverage amount is contingent upon what you own as a renter, and how much of your belongings you would like covered.

Is renters insurance affordable?

The reality is that renter’s insurance is affordable and easy to include in one’s budget. The easiest way to demonstrate just how affordable renter’s insurance is is to call XL Brokerage Inc. serving the Selden, NY community.

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