Is It Time To Change Your Commercial Insurance?

At XL Brokerage Inc. we have seen a lot of great Selden, NY companies stick with a poor commercial insurance company for far too long. We understand that switching can be a difficult or troubling experience. However, it is one that must be done to protect yourself from excessive costs.

Your Rates Keep Increasing

A great commercial insurance company will rarely increase your rates. However, when rate increases do occur, you will get an advanced warning and an explanation for these increases. If your insurance company keeps increases for you and refuses to explain them, you should consider new insurance options.

Coverage Is Getting Worse

When a company raises your rates, there should be a reason for it. Is your coverage increasing or improving due to this extra cost? If so, it is probably worth the extra money. However, if your coverage amount decreases while your rates increase, something is up. That’s when it is time to consider a new source of commercial insurance.

New Business Is Becoming Available

Is your company expanding its range or bringing in new partners? It might be time to start thinking of new commercial insurance. That’s because the range of your company is expanding and a new group of people may need coverage. Talk to your policy provider first before making any major switches.

Changes To Personnel

If you are welcoming new employees or new owners to your company, reconsider your commercial insurance. This change is different than when you add new business because employees and owners are typically more permanent.

Is It Time To Switch?

With the help of XL Brokerage Inc. brokers, your Selden, NY business will get the kind of commercial insurance it deserves. Whether you are switching to us or away from us, we will help you with the process.

3 Good Reasons to Get Flood Insurance

No matter how “great” your home insurance policy, it won’t cover property damage or loss of personal goods due to flooding. To ensure your home and goods are protected against the risk of floods, you’ll need to obtain flood insurance.  Here are a few good reasons to invest in flood insurance from XL Brokerage Inc. for your Selden NY home.

Floods are Not Limited to High-Risk Zones

Floods don’t just happen in “high risk” flood zones. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately 20% of insurance claims for flood damage comes from homeowners living in non-high risk flood areas. Almost any home can be at risk of flooding. By carefully considering your situation, you can make smart choices concerning flood insurance coverage to protect your property.

You Can’t Depend on Federal Assistance to Cover Your Flood Damage

If your area is declared a federal disaster due to flooding, you may qualify for federal assistance to help cover the cost of flood damage. This assistance, however, is generally in the form of a loan which will eventually need to be repaid. In contrast, flood insurance will pay for the cost of repairing your home or replacing personal goods damaged by a flood, according to your coverage and policy limits.

Affordable Flood Insurance Options

Affordable flood insurance options are available from XL Brokerage Inc. to help you obtain the flood protection you need. Investing in a flood insurance policy can save you from financial ruin should a flood unexpectedly ravage your property. By adding flood coverage to your home insurance package, you can have greater peace of mind that your home and personal goods have the full protection they need.

For more information on flood insurance options and costs, contact XL Brokerage Inc. in Selden, NY today.