How auto safety laws save lives

Most people know better than to drive while drunk or distracted. Almost everyone has gotten into the habit of automatically fastening their safety belts and making sure their passengers do the same before starting their vehicle. While many people seem to regard the speed limit as a suggestion rather than a law, prudent drivers stick to it in order to avoid accidents.

Yet, as the CDC notes, millions of people still do not buckle up. Impaired driving and distracting driving are also major problems that cause too much death and mayhem. Everyone who has been on a highway has been passed by someone who is in a hurry.

The risks that some people will take behind the wheel is one reason why most state and local governments have laws requiring seat belt use and prohibiting driving while impaired. More governments are cracking down on driving while texting, a major cause of distracted driving.

The National Safety Council is advocating for more auto safety laws. The idea only makes sense. Every time an officer pulls someone over for driving erratically or for not wearing a seat belt, he or she has potentially saved that person from serious injury or even death.

No one wants to be pulled over for any reason. It is aggravating, time consuming, and potentially expensive depending on the citation that results.

The one way to avoid being pulled over is to stick to the speed limit, do not drink and drive, do not drive while distracted, and always wear a seat belt. Better to know how to drive in safety than to have an officer remind you with a ticket or, in extreme cases, an arrest.

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Is Home Insurance Really Necessary In Selden?

The people of Selden, NY enjoy their area for a variety of reasons, but a major part of the success of the community is built upon people who care about their properties. So with all the people working tirelessly to keep their lawns and homes looking tip-top, it makes sense that it would call the question of home insurance into people’s minds. With so much work being done to care for the community, is it necessary to buy expensive policies here?

Major Damage Happens 

Storms and vandals are just two major events that can destroy an otherwise perfect house. You can’t mortgage your future based on wishful thinking. Regardless of how handy you are around the house, eventually the odds predict that you will run into a problem that will be difficult or simply too costly to solve without having home insurance. The right policy from XL Brokerage Inc. is what will move you into a hotel rather than a friend’s house, and what will ensure that you can get back into your home as quickly as possible. 

The Betterment of the Neighborhood 

XL Brokerage Inc. has been helping people see the value of home insurance for years. Our agency is designed to make Selden, NY a place people want to be. By tackling the smaller problems and giving the homes and grounds the care they deserve, everyone gets a strong message here that Selden is worth the time and effort. This keeps property values high for when people go to sell their homes, and may even make criminals hesitant to attack a place that so clearly cares. If you have more questions about how we make the community safer and more attractive, give us a call today to find out more about what we do.