Steps to Take to Prevent a Pipe From Bursting

With colder winter weather in Selden, NY, comes the possibility of pipes bursting. This is one thing you do not want to happen in your house because the repairs can be costly and time consuming. If you want to avoid pipes bursting this winter, be sure to take these precautions before it gets too cold at night. 

  • Add protection to your pipes. If you have pipes that are exposed to the outside, you should consider wrapping them in a form of circulation. This will help keep them warm during the colder nights. You can get these protective coverings at your local hardware store.
  • Let your water slowly drip at night. On nights where the temperature drops below freezing, allow one or two of your faucets to slowly drip through the night. This will prevent the water from freezing because it will be constantly running. Just make sure you do not let the flow be too strong or you will spend a lot of money on water. 
  • Open up your cabinets for added air circulation on cold nights. The air inside your home is warm on cold nights so let your pipes enjoy some of this warmth by opening up cabinet doors that lead to pipes in your home. This will allow them to stay warm through the night. 

Another great way to protect yourself in case a pipe bursts in your home is to have a great home insurance policy. If you are looking for a new one or would like us to take a look at your current policy for any gaps in coverage, be sure to contact our office, serving Selden, NY, today. Our knowledgeable agents at the XL Brokerage Inc. will be able to help you today. We will be happy to run some quotes to see if we can find something that works for you.

Reasons for having auto insurance in Selden, NY

Selden, New York is a busy place to live, as it is located right in the heart of Long Island which serves as the main suburb to the rest of New York City. So unless you can afford a long commute by bus or train, you are probably going to need a vehicle of some kind, which means you are undoubtedly going to need auto insurance. Below are a few primary reasons why you want to have auto insurance in a place like Selden, NY.


When someone, say, backs into your parked car or hits you while you are driving, you will need insurance to pay for it. While technically the person who hit you should pay for it, or have their insurance company pay for it, that is not always the case. Sometimes those people take off and don’t leave a note, or sometimes they don’t have insurance for their vehicles. So if you don’t have auto insurance to protect you in these scenarios, you might be stuck paying for the damage to your own vehicle out of pocket.


Let’s admit it right now: you’re probably not a perfect driver. Not a bad driver, but you, like everyone else out there makes mistakes on the road and sometimes this leads to a fender bender or small accident. To protect yourself financially and, if there are any injuries, legally, you need auto insurance on your vehicle to protect others—because that will in turn protect you in the long run.


You will also need auto insurance in Selden, NY to protect yourself in the event of an accident. Like if you are injured and need to go to the hospital or doctor’s office to recover, a good insurance policy will cover these expenses so you don’t have to deal with the financial burden.