New York Umbrella Insurance

In a coastal state like New York, having the right insurance is a key element in protecting yourself and your loved ones from unexpected financial loss and physical harm. From flooding and hurricanes at the seaside to big city renter’s concerns in NYC, the appropriate policies may help you stay covered in the case of disaster. But are you sure that the policies you currently have are enough? How can you make certain your family is covered when the worst happens?

For many people, dealing with insurance seems like a difficult and stressful task. In an effort to save money, people often purchase the most basic policies with the lowest premiums, never considering the gaps that may be left. Unfortunately, too many home and business owners find out too late that their coverage was not enough to cover their losses, leaving them high and dry when dealing with the aftermath. Fortunately, there is still time for you to patch up those holes with New York umbrella insurance coverage.

Umbrella insurance coverage from XL Brokerage Inc. supplements your pre-existing insurance policies, providing coverage for your needs without breaking the bank on higher premiums for policies that may cover more than you really need. While standard insurance coverage often explicitly excludes certain elements, umbrella insurance may offer coverage for those exclusions, like injury, property damage, some types of lawsuits and certain personal liabilities. 

As with most states, New York umbrella insurance coverage requirements are unique. The knowledgeable agents at XL Brokerage Inc. are well-versed in the details and will help you to find a policy that fits your needs and meets all legal requirements and restrictions. If you live in the Selden, NY area and are seeking additional personal and/or commercial coverage, contact us today!

Can I be Sued if a Customer Gets Robbed in My Convenience Store?

New York convenience store owners may wonder if they can get thrown into a lawsuit if something happens to a customer while that person is shopping in it. For example, what if a consumer gets robbed by an intruder while the consumer is shopping in the owner’s store? The short answer to the question is yes. Not only can a customer sue a store owner, but also a robber can sue a store owner. A 2007 case  exists where a robber sued a store owner for assault that occurred while he was in the store. Therefore, the answer is that, yes, it is possible for a store owner to receive a lawsuit. That does not mean that the plaintiff is going to win the case, but the store owner should try to protect himself or herself anyway.

All sorts of accidents can happen inside of a business establishment that can cause people to file suit against a convenience store owner. Slip-and-fall occurrences are only  a few. A lawsuit c an occur any time an injured person feels that an establishment owner didn’t take steps to protect him or her.

An insurance agent like the ones at XL Brokerage Inc. can help to locate  a policy that will protect store owners from the previously stated situation and those that are similar to such. A reliable insurance policy can provide the store owner with the funds to pay for injuries and losses if a customer decided to file suit. Receiving a quote for insurance is quite simple. The interested party could simply contact a Selden area agent who could go through the large database of insurance companies and products. The customer can choose the best policy based on his or her budget and needs.