The Importance of Home Insurance in Selden, New York

Homeowner’s insurance is important no matter where you live but especially so in Selden, New York. As disasters can strike anywhere at just about any time, not having homeowner’s insurance is incredibly risky as it can lead to you having to pay out of pocket to fix your home when something goes wrong, bankrupting yourself trying to do so or just abandoning the property if the repairs or rebuilding becomes too expensive. So as you shop for the ideal homeowner’s insurance policy with a broker like XL Brokerage Inc. who serves the greater Selden area, keep the following things in mind about how important having this policy is for your new home.


Selden, New York often experiences the brunt of blizzards rolling up the east coast or off the Great Lakes from Canada and sweeping through New York State and homes are regularly damaged by a large accumulation of snow on their roofs or just natural weathering due to the intense, inclement weather. So home insurance will protect you from this cost a few winters down the line, as the structure of your home will need some repair at some point in Selden.


More and more of New York is in the cross hairs of hurricanes due to global warming and with Selden being on Long Island, it is especially vulnerable. So hurricane insurance on your homeowner’s policy is now more important than ever because when that next big storm hits the area, you want to be covered and not experiencing what so many experienced after Hurricane Sandy.


While Selden is a safe town, you are close enough to New York City and all the other people on Long Island that there is a high enough chance of someone breaking into your home and stealing your belongings. A homeowner’s insurance policy gives you piece of mind against this concern.



What is the Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas?

Every time you pull up to the gas station, you’re faced with a choice: regular unleaded or premium gasoline? Most people usually go with regular gas and have no complaints, but there are some out there who swear their cars run better on premium. So is one actually better than the other? And which one should you choose? 

We’re breaking down the differences between regular unleaded and premium gas to help you determine which is better for your car. 

It’s All in the Octane Level 

When people hear "premium," they imagine a more powerful fuel that delivers a little extra oomph. Unfortunately there’s not much truth to it. Studies have shown that you get no more energy from premium gas than you do from regular unleaded gas. 

The real difference lies in the octane levels. Gasoline is made from various hydrocarbons, including isooctane, or octane. This liquid hydrocarbon is resistant to spontaneous exploding, so the higher the octane level, the more resistant the fuel. Premium gas typically has an octane level around 91, while regular gasoline falls somewhere between 85 and 87. 

Why is that important? Well, have you ever heard a clunking sound coming from your engine? That’s called engine knock, which occurs when the air and fuel mixture fire off or leak out before the flame on your spark plug ignites. Because premium gas has higher octane levels, it’s more resistant to spontaneous exploding, which means you’re less likely to experience engine knocking. 

Weighing Your Options

If there’s no real energy difference between regular and premium gas, why would anyone choose to pay for premium? Some car manufacturers actually require premium gas for their cars. That’s because they have designed them  with a high-compression engine and other high-performance factors. In these cases, not using premium gasoline could result in a lower performance level from your car as the premium gas is needed to prevent engine knocking. 

It’s always best to check your car manual to see what your car manufacturer recommends. If they don’t recommend premium gas, there’s no reason to pay the higher prices for it. It’s a common misconception that premium gas leads to more efficiency and better gas mileage. But the truth is your car doesn’t need it and you won’t get any added benefit from filling up with premium. 

Taking care of your car goes beyond just making sure you’re filling up with the right type of gas. Having an auto insurance policy is essential to protecting your car. If it’s time to get a new insurance policy or renew your existing policy, give XL Brokerage Inc. a call. Our family owned and operated Independent Insurance brokerage has been serving New York families for more than 25 years. Our staff will work with you to find an affordable insurance policy that meets your needs.