Cheapest Ways to Boost Fuel Economy

The cost of fuel has dropped over the last year. That doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze out a few extra miles per ever gallon of gas. You just need to know what to look for. Whether driving through Selden, NY or anywhere else in the country, there are several ways to boost fuel economy without breaking the bank. At XL Brokerage Inc. we believe you don’t need to spend much to receive quality services for your vehicle.  


Here’s a free-one. Or at least close to free. Proper air pressure is a must. If your tires are under inflated you fuel economy goes down. The same is true with over inflated tires (not to mention both are not safe). Check the PSI on your tires (you can pick up a tire pressure gauge for a few bucks) and fill it up accordingly. 

Ditch the Weight

This one is free. Excess weight in your vehicle requires more fuel to propel it. This means all of the junk you have stored in the trunk is zapping your fuel economy. While you should always have the staples of a snow shovel, some salt and an emergency kit, remove anything else not necessary for driving or emergency purposes. 

Air Filter

You know when you go to have your oil changed and they try to charge you an extra $20 for a new air filter? Having a new one put in is a good idea, but not at $20! You can replace this yourself and most air filters only cost $4 or $5. Check your owner’s manual for the exact location, but it takes only a minute to remove the old air filter and to pop in a new one. This helps boost your engine’s performance and improves fuel efficiency. 

Giving Back to the Community in Mastic, NY

Mastic, NY is a beautiful place all year round. Whether you like the warm, green summers or you prefer the snow in the wintertime, there’s always something to enjoy. There are plenty of businesses to explore, too, and you’ll find that not all of them are doing as well as they would hope. Organizations that are trying to give back to others are all over the area, and you can be a part of it all by helping those organizations succeed. Donating your time or other resources can go a very long way toward ensuring that the people in your local area have what they need.

You don’t even have to donate money if you would prefer not to. You can also donate items or even your time. Getting volunteers can be hard for some organizations, and they always need people in the Mastic area to help them out and give to their local community. Giving blood, volunteering at the food bank, or helping the homeless not only helps your community, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose, and can help you feel more at home in a new place.

By getting insurance from someone in your community, like XL Brokerage Inc. you’ll be helping to keep your community strong and allowing a small business to grow and thrive so it can help others in that location, as well. When communities work together to make sure everyone has what they need, everyone is happier and it can be a great experience. For those who are new to the area, it also means a chance to meet others and make new friends, so they can feel at home.