Independent Insurance Agents Are There When You Need Them

When you look for an insurance policy, you not only shop around for the right policy but also the right insurance agent. Like any other professional you work with, you want to build a connection with them. When you seek out a primary healthcare physician, you don’t just want the best service at the best price. You want a doctor you feel comfortable with and one you can develop a bond with. The same is true with your insurance agent. While hopefully you do not need to personally interact with your insurance agent directly every few months, if you do, it is nice to have the same person you talk on the phone with. With an independent insurance agency, such as XL Brokerage Inc. you receive exactly that kind of service. This way, you always know who you’re talking with and who will help process your claim.

Who Answers the Phone is Important

Let’s say you have a question regarding your current policy, or you need to make a claim after a car accident or damage to your home. Whatever the instance is, knowing who picks up the phone is important. Over time, you develop a professional relationship with your independent insurance agent. It may even include some family life, vacations, what you enjoy doing and so on. By having someone who knows more about you and has a connection with you, it is easier to discuss a current situation you find yourself in. With a large chain insurance company, you never really know who you might talk to. However, while living in Selden, NY, you know exactly who you’ll talk with when contacting the independent insurance agent. They are there when you need them, every step of the way.

4 Tips for Being the Perfect House Sitter

If you’ve ever watched someone else’s home while they are away, you know there’s a certain level of expectation that comes with the job. However, making sure you meet your host’s needs and have a chance at being hired again in the future is simple. Here are four tips for being the perfect house sitter.

Tip #1: Discuss Expectations Ahead of Time

One way you can really become the perfect house sitter is by discussing expectations ahead of time with your host. Make sure that both of you are very clear on what they want you to take care of while they are gone and how they would like things handled. If there is a pet involved, be sure to ask about any quirks the animal has that would make a difference in their care. You will also want to find out about anything that is regularly scheduled—such as putting out trash cans by the curb for pickup or getting the mail each day.

Tip #2: Respect Any Given Boundaries

Most people who open up their homes to a house sitter are pretty flexible. However, there are a few that decide to set boundaries right away that need to be followed. For example, if your host states that visitors are not allowed, do not brings guests to the home. This also goes for things that cost money, such as the groceries in the refrigerator, what’s in the liquor cabinet, etc.

Tip #3: Check-In Occasionally

Another way you can be the perfect house sitter is by checking in with the home owner occasionally while they are gone. Let them know how things are going and whether or not you have any questions. If you are watching their beloved pet, send them a few snapshots to put them at ease that everything is going well.

Tip #4: Do More Than Asked

If you really want to be the perfect house sitter, the secret is to really do more than asked. Make sure the house is cleaned up when they arrive home, keeping the same level they left it at or better. Wash the sheets, remake up the beds for other guests, and make sure the kitchen is tidy. Replace anything you’ve used up and try to make the homeowner feel as though they made a wise choice in having you stay at their residence in their absence.

For homeowners, having the perfect house sitter isn’t the only thing you need to consider when going out of town. Having the right level of property coverage is crucial in the event of an unexpected emergency. To review your current policy or receive a no-obligation quote, please contact our team at XL Brokerage Inc. today.