Protecting A Car Accident Scene: What You Need To Know

A car accident in Mastic, New York can be severe. There are ways that you can protect the scene to ensure that the help is given where it is needed. By knowing a few things, you will be able to be an effective first responder.

Before you do anything, it’s important to secure your own car. Many people make the mistake of simply stopping in the road to be able to help the victims of a crash. Pull your car to the side of the road and leave plenty of distance to ensure you are out of harm’s way of a fire, broken glass, or anything else.

You then need to call 911. Don’t make the assumption that someone else has already called. Tell the operator all of what you have seen, including how many cars are involved. Be as specific as you can in regards to where the accident is located. You will likely be asked to stay on the scene until help has arrived.

Check on the victims, if possible. You never want to move someone if you can avoid it because the injury could be worsened. However, you can check on them, talk to them, and try to calm their nerves.

You will also want to try and stabilize the vehicles. This includes putting the cars into park and turning the ignition off. This can help to prevent leaks, fires, and more.

Finally, be ready to leave a statement with the police. You may have witnessed the crash and what you say can be valuable in the investigation.

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