Safety Tips For Your Dog This Summer

There are a lot of safety tips that you should keep in mind for your dog this summer in Selden. By knowing more about how to care for your dog, he will be happier and healthier.

You need to know the signs of dehydration and overheating. This will help you to call your dog off quickly and potentially save his life. Access panting is a sure sign that your dog is overheating. Bring him into the shade and give him plenty of water. Body temperatures of about 103.5°F is also a time for concern. Dry gums are another sign, and you can lift up their lips in order to see if they are slimy or dry.

Remember to cover dog’s paws when you are walking them outside on the concrete. Even after the sun has set, the heat of the sun has been absorbed into the pavement and it can be extremely hot. There are booties and paw protectors that can be purchased at the pet store so that you can offer protection to your dog.

Know how to cool your dog down. Use a wet beach towel to drape over your dog, cool down the feet by running cold water on the pads, and offer them water. Talk to your vet about other ways based upon the breed that you have.

Keep your dog hydrated using every method possible. Always keep cold water in the house for them, bring bottled water whenever you go outside, and mix wet food into the dry food to offer additional hydration as well.

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Being a Safe Teen Driver in Selden

One of the biggest accomplishments that anyone strives for is the ability to drive. Along with being able to drive comes the ability to have much more freedom, and as everyone knows, there’s nothing more exciting than getting your license when you’re a teenager. Unfortunately, though, too much excitement sometimes leads to not being attentive to the road, which can lead to an accident. Keeping your teen safe is probably a top priority of yours, so here’s a look at a few tips you can use to make sure your teen is being as safe as possible. 

Share the road

When first learning to drive, it can be tempting to stay close to the yellow line to avoid being too close to the edge of the road. Your teen driver needs to know that it’s not okay to ‘hug’ the yellow line. They must learn to share the road. 

Keep the phone on silent

Cell phones lead to thousands of accidents each year. You should instruct your teen to keep his phone on vibrate or silent when driving, and not to check any messages until he has pulled over and shut the car off. 

Always wear a seat belt

Wearing a seat belt should never be an option. Your teen should put it on before even turning the key over and driving. Numerous studies have proven again and again that seat belts save lives and help prevent injury. 

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