The 3 Big Benefits of Mastic, New York Independent Agency

There are a lot of fine, local businesses in Mastic, New York. Living and working in the 11950 zip code area gives us plenty of choices on where to eat and shop as well as many entertainment options. We are pleased to serve this area of Long Island, and appreciate the businesses that have chosen us for their commercial insurance. If that does not currently include you, here are three big benefits to choosing an independent agency.

  1. Independent agents are free to get quotes from multiple companies. This means you can often get better coverage at the same premium or even less than you are currently paying.
  2. Since independent agents are local, they are more available to answer any questions you have about your insurance, give you an insurance review, and even assist you if a claim becomes necessary.
  3. When you purchase your commercial insurance from an independent agency, you are supporting a fellow local business. That keeps more local dollars circulating and it is good for our economy.

An independent agency like XL Brokerage Inc. understands the area and the risks of having a business here. We also offer personal lines of insurance. You can get a quote on your homeowners and auto insurance by visiting our website. Answer a few questions and we will get to work on getting you quotes you can afford, without sacrificing coverage.

Doing business in Mastic can be challenging at times, but it is also rewarding. We invite business owners in the area to give us the opportunity to quote on their commercial insurance. We believe you will be pleased with the results. We are XL Brokerage Inc., an independent agency proud to serve the Mastic community.

How Our Agents Find the Best Commercial Insurance Rates

We often get inquiries from businesses that are looking for quotes on their commercial insurance coverage. They often are just "shopping" for rates. Many times, when we share our quotes, we will get responses like “Wow, that’s a lot better than I’ve been getting elsewhere.” How do our agents find the best commercial insurance rates?

It starts by understanding the benefits of being an independent agent as opposed to a captive agent. Captive agents represent the products of a single insurance company brand. They are a representative of that brand, and the company’s logo will likely be on their signage and business cards. An independent agent is not tied to a single company. This gives us the ability to contact multiple providers with your information, searching for a provider who offers the best coverage at the best price for your situation. Sometimes these are insurance companies that may not be as well- known as the industry giants because they don’t spend large amounts of money on advertising. Instead they work with a network of independent agents like us to offer quality coverage at attractive pricing.

Since we are not committed to a single company, our agents can better serve our clients. We end up working for our customers, not an insurance company. This also helps keep rates low because these companies must compete for your business.

If you have a business in New York we invite you to see for yourself. Contact us at XL Brokerage Inc. for a commercial insurance review or a quote. We also can save families on their homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Visit our website, answer a few questions, and get an online comparative quote. See the power of working with independent agency by contacting us today.