Learner’s Permits: What You Need To Know

New York is one of the original 13 colonies and has a very large population, mainly thanks to New York City. There are many large metropolitans. It is also one of the few states that has at least one of every major sports team, including MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL.

A learners permit is granted to those who are learning to drive. A skills exam must be passed in order to get the permit and then it is possible to get behind the wheel. A licensed driver has to be in the vehicle at all times, but it allows the person with the permit to get the actual experience on the roads so they can then pass the driver’s license exam – which can be taken after a year of holding the permit.

You will need to be added to a car insurance policy. While it’s possible to obtain a separate policy, the person with the learner’s permit is usually added to a parent or guardian’s policy. It is more convenient and more affordable this way.

Working with independent agents allow you to get the necessary policy without doing all the research on your own. An agent can help you with:

– Being added to a policy

– Increasing the level of coverage

– Finding the right company

– Obtaining the best price for a premium

Insurance can be expensive in the state of New York and much of this has to do with the amount of traffic and the number of accidents that have occurred on the streets in the past. Call one of our agents so we can guide you through the car insurance purchase process and find the lowest possible rate while still providing you with sufficient coverage. An agent can make all the difference.