Tips for Driving in New York with Your Learners Permit

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If you’re traveling in New York with your learners permit, here are a few tips that you’ll definitely want to follow.

Always drive with plenty of rest

If you feel tired, then it’s not wise to get behind the wheel of a car.  Even if you’ve just put in a long eight hours at work and you’re ready to get home, resting for 15 to 20 minutes before driving is a smart move to make.

Your car must have insurance

The car(s) that you are driving with your learners permit must have car insurance on it.

Understand the many places that you cannot drive

While you have a learners permit, there are more than a few places that you cannot drive, including on streets that are located within parks in New York City.  There are also certain bridges and tunnels that you can’t drive on, so make sure you are aware of the ones that are off limits.

If you have a Junior Learner Permit:

You can only drive while being supervised by an adult who has a valid driver’s license.


If you have more questions about driving with your learners permit in New York, make sure to contact one of our highly-trained insurance agents who serves the 11784 area.