What does my XL Brokerage auto insurance policy cover if personal items are stolen from my vehicle in Selden, New York?

In most cases, your auto insurance policy won’t cover stolen personal items in Selden, New York or anywhere else in the nation. However, you should check your auto insurance policy language and contact your independent agent to learn if any personal items are covered.

Since your car insurance covers your vehicle and named drivers, there is seldom coverage for stolen personal property. Most often, your homeowners or renters policy covers your personal property. If your car stereo or NAV system is stolen, your auto insurance may cover this loss, however.

While it’s always a good plan to lock your vehicle when you leave it unattended, whether it’s locked or not, you’ll probably not be covered for stolen personal property by your auto policy. It is your homeowner’s policy that may protect you, unless you have a separate "theft rider" for your vehicle insurance. You should be sure your homeowner’s policy will cover your iPod, diamond ring or smartphone, if you leave them in your car.

Don’t forget about your auto or homeowners policy deductible. For example, if your iPhone is stolen and cost you around $500 to buy, when your auto or home deductible is also $500, it makes little sense to submit a claim. However, should an $8,000 diamond ring be stolen (why did you leave it in your car, anyway?), your $500 deductible will not hinder replacement of this valuable item.

Be aware that when an insurance company receives a claim for stolen valuables from a vehicle, they first may investigate for fraud. They do not doubt you personally, but, like the diamond ring example, the company may question the probability that such a valuable item would be left in an unattended vehicle. In this case, the question of an unlocked auto, with a valuable item inside, may become important to approving or denying your claim.

In all cases, before a theft occurs, contact us, your independent agent, to learn what is or is not covered. We will help you understand the protection you have and offer advice on how to increase your coverage. If your independent agent is XL Brokerage in Selden, New York, is comfortable that we’ve been helping your neighbors insure their valuable property for over 25 years.