Am I entitled to replacement cost if I have an accident and my motorcycle is a total loss?

Getting into an accident on your motorcycle in Mastic, NY may result in making a claim on your insurance policy. Depending on the motorcycle insurance that you have purchased, the options that are available when you make a claim can vary.

State Minimum Coverage

If you have purchased the minimum insurance that is required by the state, then it is unlikely that your insurance policy will pay for the replacement cost of your motorcycle. In general, liability coverage will only protect against property damage to another individual’s property when you caused the accident as well as personal injuries and the medical expenses associated with your injuries.

The minimum coverage is not enough to pay for the repairs or the replacement cost of your motorcycle.

Comprehensive Plans

Purchasing a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy will give you more options if you are involved in an accident, but it may not always be the full replacement cost of your motorcycle. Read your policy thoroughly to determine how much coverage is available and the solutions that your insurer provides based on the situation.

Some insurance policies may provide the full replacement cost of the motorcycle. Other policies may pay for the cost of the motorcycle after calculating the depreciation rates, so you will be given the current value of the motorcycle. In most cases, the current value of the motorcycle will be lower than the replacement cost because of the depreciation rates.

It is important to purchase coverage for your motorcycle, but the ability to make a claim and the options that are available in your specific situation will vary based on your coverage and the policy that you purchased. Contact us today to speak to an agent for more details.

What types of property may be insured against flood loss?

When you are worried that there is a possibility of flooding in Mastic, NY, the challenge of protecting your property may seem complicated. In general, home insurance and other forms of property coverage do not protect against the possibility of a flood. Fortunately, it is possible to protect some properties against flooding.


While your basic insurance policy may not offer protection against flooding, it is possible to purchase a separate plan to protect your house from water damage or the problems associated with a flood.

Flooding is usually excluded from the basic policy unless it relates to specific situations, such as a burst pipe. Flooding from a storm or rising river requires a separate policy that will address the possible losses if water gets into your house after a storm. Houses can be protected against flooding, but the details associated with any particular policy can vary.

Condos, Townhomes and Apartments

A condo, townhouse or apartment is similar to a house when you purchase it. You can obtain similar coverage and policies based on ownership. The primary difference is that there are common areas that you may share with your neighbors, so the area that you are specifically responsible to insurance is usually the rooms and space that you have specifically purchased.

Like a house, the basic home insurance policy may not provide coverage against flooding. You may need to purchase a separate policy and the options that are available can vary based on the area, risks and the possible problems you may face.

Flooding is a problem that can complicate your efforts to protect your property because it is not usually covered in a basic homeowner’s policy. Contact us today to speak to an agent to learn more about your coverage options.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your property caused by tree roots on your property?

Tree roots can cause a variety of damages to your property. The slow growth of roots can also play a significant role in your ability to make a claim on your home insurance policy because it is a problem that you may be able to catch before it causes damage to your property.

Common Policies

In many home insurance policies, damage from tree roots is not covered by the plan because it is a problem that grows slowly over several year. Since roots grow under the ground, you may not notice the problem until it has already damaged your property.

Even though it is a common problem, most basic homeowner plans will not cover the damages from roots because it is a problem that can potentially be caught early and limited. Many insurance companies will only pay for the sudden problems that you cannot prevent, like damages from a storm.

Protecting Against the Problem

If you are worried about roots from a tree, then it may be necessary to discuss your options with an insurer before any damages occur. Point out the reasons for your worries, such as a tree that is in your neighbor’s yard, and identify your specific concerns. Some insurers may offer additional coverage that you can add to your basic policy so that you are able to make a claim when your house is damaged by roots. The key is focusing on the type of coverage that is available.

It can be hard when your property is damaged by an external force that you cannot see, and in many cases the roots are not classified as a sudden problem so you may not be able to make a claim. Contact us to speak to an agent for more information.

If there is a broken pipe underneath the foundation of my house is repair covered under home owners?

Slab leaks and other leaks under the foundation of your home can be some of the most difficult to detect, diagnose, and repair. Often, by the time you realize there’s a problem, the damage has already been done–and that damage can lead to a destabilized foundation and a litany of other structural problems. Figuring out whether your home insurance in Mastic, NY will cover the damage can be another problem entirely.

The short answer is this: the only way to find out for sure if your damage is covered is to talk to your agent about filing a claim. Unfortunately, most insurance policies only cover water damages from sudden, catastrophic leaks; it’s easy for an adjuster to evaluate a leak under the foundation and conclude that the problem is a result of your negligence or of the house aging and settling–both issues which can cause your claim to be denied.

Most of the time, home insurance policies cover damage caused by burst pipes inside your home, as long as they’re within the footprint of your house’s foundation. If the pipe burst outside your home, it may still be covered, though you’ll have to be able to prove that the damage was caused directly by the pipe that burst. Sewer line damage under your home’s foundation may also be covered.

Problems with your foundation are trickier to diagnose, particularly if your home suffers from poor drainage or if the leak has existed for a long time. The best way to find out for sure is to read your insurance policy and talk to your agent; if necessary, they’ll be able to call in a professional to diagnose the problem and determine whether or not your damages qualify for reimbursement.