Tips on Preventing a Home Robbery in Mastic, New York

Any home, large or small, in an affluent neighborhood or not, always has the potential to be robbed. In Mastic, New York there are hundreds of home robberies each year, but in many cases, the robbery could have been prevented if the owners had taken some steps in preventing the robbery in the first place. Here are some tips to help prevent a robbery at your home:

Keep your landscaping neat. While this might seem like a vanity issue, having well-trimmed bushes and trees near your home will deter thieves from making your home their next target because there are few places for them to hide and scope out the property.

Hire a house sitter when you go away. This can be your neighbor’s teenager or a friend of yours, but make sure that someone is going into your home on a daily basis while you are away and your home is vacant. Consider parking a vehicle in your driveway, having the house sitter leave a light or two on and open and shut the curtains from time to time to give the appearance that the home is occupied. Also be sure the person collects the mail, newspapers and packages, since, left lying around, they make your home a prime target.

Install a security system. Having this, and a sign on the window or door that states the home is under surveillance is a great way to deter thieves. Even if you can’t afford a whole system, install stronger locks and make sure the window locks work.

Ask your insurance agent for suggestions. Many insurance companies will offer discounts to homeowners who take the time to implement basic security features in order to lessen the chances of the home being robbed. Your independent agent can give you details that are specific to your policy.

If your home isn’t yet burglar proof, take time this weekend to tackle one of these projects. It won’t take much time at all, and the results will last for years to come.