The Savings of Using a Local Independent Insurance Agent to Purchase a Policy in New York

When you’re living in New York, especially in the New York City metro area, it’s important to shop around to find the best deal when you need an insurance policy. Companies vary in how they calculate premiums, and getting quotes from several different companies when you need a policy helps you purchase the one with the lowest cost. The best way to get relevant quotes is to contact us to speak with an independent insurance agent about your insurance needs.

Independent agents work with a wide range of insurance companies and can gather quotes from all of these companies. On the other hand, captive agents will just help you get the best policy from the company they work for or its subsidiaries. If you want to truly compare rates and get as much savings as possible, an independent agent is the way to go.

After discussing what type of policy you’re looking for and what discounts you may qualify for, we will run quotes on the policy at many of the top insurance companies. We’ll show you these quotes and walk you through the process of deciding which company you would like to use for your insurance.

Although you can often get quotes from many different insurance companies on your own, it’s much faster to use an independent agent. Plus, local agents know the area well and are familiar with which insurance companies are most likely to offer the lowest rates for your demographic. Therefore, your local independent agent may even gather quotes from insurance companies you weren’t aware of and would not have considered on your own. The extra information you obtain from an independent agent can lead to significant savings on your policy.