Flood Insurance for Mastic, New York Homeowners: Are you at Risk?

Properties zoned across the United States are either in a low, medium or high-risk flood zone. Homeowners nationwide can have the best homeowner’s insurance; however, it will not cover flood damage to a home. A homeowner’s insurance policy will not pay for loss to the structure, property damage or loss of contents due to flooding. As your independent agent, we can help with this policy if you give us a call.

Mastic, New York is a beautiful costal town situated in a high-risk flood zone. Residents in this area need to have a protection plan in place for high-risk water damage. These plans are only available through NFIP, a national insurance plan. Your independent agent participates in this program and can help with coverage in Mastic, New York.

The two types of policies available are private property and building property flood insurance. The standard insurance policy will not cover loss of contents. A home can be damaged due to flooding from tornados and hurricanes, such as seen in Hurricane Sandy. A home can also be damaged in situations such as broken water pipes or sewage back ups. In either case, a homeowner’s policy will not cover these damages due to water.

A mortgage company will require this type of policy protection as a necessity for any mortgage if the homeowner lives in a flood zone. The mortgage company wants to keep their investment on the home safe.

Homeowners should not get the federal disaster relief program confused with NFIP; they are not going to cover the same issues or equivalent amounts. As your independent agent we can help you set up a protection policy for your home, property and personal contents in Mastic, New York. In the event of a catastrophic event we want to make sure we have you covered. Give us a call today.