Can I raise an inspection request online if my vehicle insurance is expired in Selden, New York?

If you live in Selden, New York and have a car, then you know about the importance of keeping your cars registration current. If you are in need of an inspection in New York, you will need to set a time to have it done. The big question that people ask about is whether or not they need to have insurance that is current before they can have the inspection completed. Here are some thoughts about a request for a vehicle inspection online.

Your Inspection Requests in New York City

  • There are a lot of cars in New York that have to be inspected every day. In order to get your vehicle inspected, you will need to have it looked over at a state approved shop.
  • Once the inspection is complete, you will be given a sticker that must be displayed to prove you are legal to drive. Without the sticker you will most likely be pulled over and fined for not having the sticker.
  • If you need to renew your inspection, then you may be able to make the request online. While you are the owner of the car, you will need to keep your policy current and in force so you can get your sticker.
  • As long as your name is on the title of your car, you will need to have insurance on your car to keep from having a major loss.

If you find that your sticker is expired and you need to raise an inspection request, then you need to contact your independent agent today. We can answer all of your questions about auto insurance. Give us a call and let us work with you to protect you and your family from disaster.

Where can I get the best comparison between cost and features of various auto insurance policies at one place in Selden, New York?

They’ve come up with all kinds of clever advertising campaigns–lizards, likeable representatives, catchy jingles, and promises of discounts. But as skilled as they are at advertising campaigns, insurance companies don’t always make it easy to find out what you need to know about the cost of car insurance.

Residents of Selden, New York have options. Before you even leave the house, take the time to do your research on the types of home and auto insurance available. You’ll want to familiarize yourself at least a little with the jargon that insurance agents will use when they’re telling you about their policies.

After you’ve taken time to do a bit of research about the types of coverage you want–uninsured motorist? Underinsured motorist? Property damage liability?–it’s time to take to the streets. You can start by using a website like this one to compare prices online, all in one place. Taking the time to get a comparison of available policies in your area can make all the difference when the time comes to make a final choice.

Now, you’ll want to connect with an independent agent who can help match you up with the best policy for your situation and your budget. An independent agent who knows the in and out of the business, will answer your questions and explain the often hard-to-understand jargon, and cut down on some of the complexities of the process.

Now that you have all the information you need, price quotes from various companies, and the recommendation of an independent agent you trust, you’ll want to completely read through your policy and understand all its features before signing on the dotted line. Make sure you understand exactly what the policy does and doesn’t cover so you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Will Online auto insurance in Mastic, New York, offer facilities like renewal reminder?

Most online auto insurance companies in Mastic, New York will offer facilities like a renewal reminder. People lead busy lives and sometimes bills can be overlooked. It is convenient when an insurance provider will offer a renewal reminder several weeks before the due date. If this is something that is important to you, ask your independent agent to find a company that offers this perk.

Online companies may also offer additional benefits like a payment plan and automatic withdrawal of your premium from your checking account. When you are busy dealing with a job, kids, or other obligations, making your life easier is a key priority. Speak with your independent agent about setting up your car insurance premium to come out of your checking account on a specific day. You will never again have to worry about missing a payment or paying late. If you like your insurance company, you may even want to sign up for automatic renewal. People who do not change their vehicles or situations, may enjoy this benefit.

Although most people renew their auto insurance policies without reviewing them for possible changes, your independent agent may be able to find you ways to save money before you renew. When you compare policies, you can look at the rates and determine how much money you can pay and how much coverage you need. We have access to many different companies and can quickly compare rates to determine what is right for you. We can also find companies that offer convenient benefits like a renewal reminder, online payments, filing accident claims online, and more. If you are interested in finding out how we can help you with your insurance needs, talk to one of our agents today.

Should I submit my original vehicle documents to purchase an auto insurance policy in Mastic, New York?

When you purchase an auto insurance policy in Mastic, New York, you should provide original documents. Although you do not want to mail or leave original documents with an insurance company, you can show them in person. Many insurance providers require these documents to validate the owner information before issuing a policy.

Often when you are purchasing an auto insurance policy, you will need to submit the title with the VIN and title number. You may also be asked to provide the mileage and if there are any custom additions to the vehicle. If you have a loan for your vehicle, the insurance company will need this information so they can list a lien holder. To make sure you are purchasing an appropriate policy, talk with your independent agent. You need to shop around and compare prices and benefits when looking for coverage for your car. If your vehicle was insured with another provider, you still may need to show the original documents when switching companies.

Your independent agent can help you find the best discounts for your situation. If you are working with a tight budget, an agent can help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. One way to save money on your policy is to increase the deductible. If you are looking for new insurance because you couldn’t afford your previous plan, this might be the answer. Professional independent agents are trained to work with many different companies and find the best ones to fit certain circumstances. Talk with us today and we will take care of your auto needs.

Why isn’t my IDV 100% for a brand new vehicle in Selden, New York?

It can be very frustrating when you buy a brand new vehicle, perhaps spend $25.000 on it, and then find out when you go to get insurance for it that the insurance declared value (IDV) of the vehicle is considerably less, perhaps around $22,000. While there are reasons for it, it can still make you feel cheated right from the minute you take ownership of a new car.

Technically, your car usually maintains its value for a few minutes after you buy it. According to, a car loses 11 percent of its value the minute it drives off the lot. The reason for this is simple–you paid more than the car is worth. A car dealer has to make enough money on the sale to cover not only the actual cost of the car, but also their overhead, including the cost of maintaining the dealership, the salaries of the salesmen and other administrative costs.

Of course your auto insurance agent doesn’t care about the dealer’s overhead or how much you paid for the car. The only thing that matters for insurance purposes is how much the car is actually worth. If something happens to an insured vehicle, the insurance company needs to pay exactly enough money to repair or replace the vehicle, minus the deductible, so the IDV reflects that.

New York requires that drivers have liability, no-fault and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, so regardless of how much your car’s insurance declared value turns out to be, you need to have it insured for 100% of that amount. In Selden, New York, you can take some of the sting out of the situation by working with us. as your independent agent, we can get live comparative auto insurance quotes to get you the best possible deal, so call today!

Can a non-commercial vehicle in Mastic, New York, be insured online?

By way of definition, a non commercial vehicle is a vehicle such as a private car that is not used for any type of commercial purposes. In answer to your question, your non-commercial vehicle in Mastic, New York can definitely be insured online. The question is do you really want to do this by yourself?

Online Car Insurance Research

For some people, conducting an online search to find auto insurance information can be a tremendous help. On the flip side, many people find it time consuming and confusing to search for insurance in this manner, and they prefer to speak with an insurance specialist who can answer questions about specific car insurance companies, various plans, and discuss individual quotes side-by-side. As your independent agent we can help you with these answers, and make it less complicated and much easier for you to make a fully informed decision.

The Advantages of Using An Independent Agent

Many people don’t know about the advantages of using an independent insurance agent. Since they aren’t bound to any one insurance company, their primary concern is with their customers.

Unlike independent agents, insurance agents who represent one company, they are not allowed to sell insurance from companies other than the one they’re connected with. Therefore, you don’t have the advantage of knowing what your options might be with another company. One of the most cost-efficient and cost-effective benefits is that independent agents are in a position to offer customers better prices, and more flexibility. These agents can also save you a great deal of time. These are important factors, especially in today’s economy.