Does car pooling in Selden, New York affect my auto insurance?

Driving a car to and from work everyday certainly has its ups and downs. You get the satisfaction of being able to come and go whenever your schedule demands, but you also have to deal with paying your gas. When you carpool, not only you save gas but you also minimize your risk of having an accident. If you are looking to start carpooling with some people you know, then you may want to consider the following before making that decision.

How Carpooling Can Affect Your Car Insurance

  • Your car insurance policy in Selden, New York should be set at a level to protect you should there ever be a need to pay for an accident. Carpooling minimizes your chances of being exposed to an accident.
  • When you are the one driving and you have passengers you are responsible for the safety off the passengers. Your policy usually does cover passengers but you may want to check with your insurance company to make sure.
  • If you are using your car for business, then you may end up needing to get a commercial policy. It all depends how your car is used. Carpooling is usually considered non-business usage but always talk with your agent to know for sure.

If you are looking to start carpooling with some of your coworkers and have questions about the affects that it may have on your auto policy, you then need to contact your independent agent in Selden, New York. It’s important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances so we can get to work for you. We can answer all of your questions about the type of insurance you need to have and how carpooling can affect your current policy.

In Mastic, New York does my auto insurance cover me for windshield replacement?

If you are like most of the people living and driving in Mastic, New York, you probably are not totally clear on whether or not your auto insurance policy will pay to have your windshield replaced. If your windshield shatters in an accident, your collision coverage of your auto policy will pay to have a new windshield installed. The only caveat is that you must first meet your deductible. If you have a high deductible that is above the cost to replace your windshield and repair any other damage you suffered in the crash, your auto insurance policy will not pay for a new windshield or any other repairs to your car.

More commonly, the comprehensive portion of your car insurance policy will pay to replace a windshield that has been cracked. Comprehensive covers all damages, other than those that occur due to an accident. It covers your windshield for everything except normal wear and tear. If you happen to park your car under a big oak tree and a dead limb falls and cracks your windshield, you are covered. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse you if some hooligan throws a brick through your windshield.

What your auto insurance company will not pay is for scratches, chips and normal wear and tear. For instance, if you gouge your windshield by trying to scrape off the ice, you can not file a claim. If a pebble flies up while you are driving and puts a chip in your windshield, that is considered normal wear and tear.

It is illegal to drive in the state of New York if your windshield is broken, fractured or discolored and causes any type of visual obstruction. In some states like Florida and Massachusetts, there is a zero deductible for glass replacement. Even though that is not the case in New York, there are ways of buying coverage that will keep you from reaching deep into your own pocket to pay for a broken windshield. Give us a call and an independent agent can fill you in on the details.

In Mastic, NY, my house is located outside city limits, what will be its effect on my home policy?

A common concern for many homeowners, both in and around Mastic, New York is has to do with the cost of homeowner’s insurance. Many customers wonder whether insurance will be more expensive if they live outside the city limits. This is actually a very good question and a valid concern.

The biggest thing to remember about your homeowner’s insurance policy is that many things affect the bottom line rate. With no other factors influencing it, a home in the city limits will usually cost a little less to insure than one outside the city limits. However, there is never a case where there are no outside influences. It may be that your home outside the city limits has better access to fire and police protection, which would bring down the rate. Alternatively, there may be other factors too.

If you want to make sure you find the best rate possible for your homeowner’s insurance in or outside the city limits of Mastic, New York, you should work with an independent agent. You may think that in today’s internet-powered world that you can purchase your insurance online and be just fine. That may be the case, but—you will not always get the best deal.

One of our independent agents can go over your needs and help find exactly what kind of coverage you need—keeping you from purchasing coverage you do not need, but making sure you are properly covered. Another benefit is that we offer real-time comparisons between multiple insurance companies. The insurance providers all want your business, so it is important to take advantage of this and let them compete for your policy. If you do this, you will get an excellent rate on top-quality coverage. Insurance does not have to be difficult, when you have someone on your side.

What role does the heating type used in my home; play in my home insurance policy in Mastic, NY?

If you own your own home, you may have had to provide proof of insurance before you could close on the house. During the insurance process you may have been asked a lot of questions about the nature of the home. You may have been asked about the year the home was built and even the type of floor covering found throughout the home. The one question that takes people by surprise is, "What type of heating is used throughout the entire house?" Here is some information about how that one question affects your insurance policy.

You’re Homes Heating Source and Your Insurance Policy

  • Gas and electric heating is a common source for heating your home. This type of heating is usually accepted by insurance companies.
  • If your home is primarily heated by oil, then you may find that there are some things that you will have to provide to the insurance company before the policy will be approved. You may have to provide proof of tank inspection, proof that the tank is located above ground and proof that the tank is accessible from all sides.
  • Should your home be heated by wood burning sources, you may have an even harder time getting insurance. A wood burning stove has to be inspected from time to time and that report will have to be given over to the insurance company for a policy. A wood burning stove that is not working properly can burn a home down or leak harmful smoke into the air making people sick.

If you have any questions about home insurance in the Mastic, New York area, then please call your independent agent. As your agent we can help answer all of your questions. We can even help you get the policy you need to close on your home.