How Often can I take a New York Defensive Driving Course to Reduce my Insurance Premium?

A defensive driving class is an excellent way to remove up to four points from a person’s record, thus decreasing rates on auto policies. In New York, a driver’s class is available only every 18 months to remove points. Drivers who have a low premium rate and no points on their driver’s record can take a driving class. This program can be taken every three years to help maintain a low rate.

Years prior, a driver’s class in New York used to offer this program in a classroom setting only. The class took at least six hours. Drivers had to do this class on the weekend or some weekday nights. Many drivers would forego this class due the length of the class required. Since this defensive driver’s course can be taken online, many more drivers are taking advantage of the program to reduce their driver’s record points.

Driver’s courses must be approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. When the driver has completed the class, data is transferred to the DMV of N.Y. The driver’s record can be updated. A N.Y. driver can request a copy of their driver’s record anytime. Drivers should allow the state at least 8 weeks to update the class to the driver’s record. If information cannot be found by this time, the DMV should be notified.

Upon course completion, the driver will receive a certificate in the mail. The driver can then take this to their insurance company, and a reduction in the auto premium will drop at once. Insurance discounts start from the completion date of the class. A 10 percent reduction can be expected on collision, no-fault and liability. This discount will remain in effect for three years.

Contact your independent agent at XL Brokerage, Inc. located in Mastic or Selden, NY today to see if we can help you reduce your insurance premium.

Who Needs Blanket Insurance Coverage in New York?

A blanket insurance policy covers many areas and is available through your independent agent, in Mastic or Selden, New York, call them today for insurance information. Policies will protect one or more than one property at the same location. If the same property sits at various locations, the owner can buy a policy for each property. This policy protects all personal belongings at all locations or just one location. Liability protection is included in these policies.

If an owner has a set of apartments in one or more locations, or a business owner has one or more of the same types of businesses spread out over a city they would need to insure all of the businesses in the same way. This includes all contents. Your independent agent is ready to help secure your business with blanket and liability protection.

When an owner has many different properties either on one location or several locations, a blanket policy is best for the owner. Nothing has to be described in the property because security extends to everything. Coverage includes the same properties in the same way at all locations. Policies cover the health and wellness of employees, thief at any of the locations, all properties, everything inside and outside the properties.

If one business receives inventory and part or all inventory moves to the other site protection continues at either location. For business owners who have one or more establishments, businesses, apartments, homes, townhouses, restaurants, retails stores and any number or types of businesses this is the best policy to buy.

Business owners get a broader coverage with this type of policy. If the owner had individual policies, it would cost them more. This coverage is a wise business decision due to being more cost efficient. We are here to help, call an independent agent today, in the Mastic or Selden, New York area.

What is the Minimum amount of Liability Coverage for Homeowners Insurance in New York?

If you’re buying a home and you need an insurance policy Selden or Mastic insurance agents can help you. The key, however, is to get an independent agent like us so you can learn about different companies and policies. Depending on the company you use, the price of your insurance can vary widely. You don’t want to pay too much, but you also don’t want to necessarily choose the cheapest company. You should be focused on value, not price. To do that, you need to make sure you’re getting coverage for at least the minimum required by your state.

Typically, a liability coverage amount of $100,000 is expected. When you use a good insurance agent, you can feel comfortable that you’re getting the coverage you need. Most people go for more than the minimum for liability, also, because they are concerned that a serious incident could cost them more than the liability protection they have. It’s up to you what amount of coverage you choose, but working with us can help you make a more informed choice about your liability options. If money is tight, though, the minimum liability coverage is all you have to get.

Homeowners insurance can see complicated in New York, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to get someone to guide you through the process. Trying to figure everything out on your own can be time consuming and stressful, especially if you’re in the middle of trying to buy or build a house. You likely have enough worries, and don’t need another one. Come in and see us about your homeowners policy and liability insurance, and we’ll make sure you have one less worry to fret over. We can show you what policy would be best for you and explain why, so that you can leave with peace of mind.

What does a Business Owner’s Policy Cover in Mastic, New York?

Are you opening a business in Mastic, New York? If so, you need a business owner’s insurance policy. Most companies call that commercial insurance, but some companies may use another term. Since we are an independent agent, you should come and see us for your coverage needs. We can look through the policies offered by companies we work with, and help you choose the best commercial policy for your new business. What’s covered will depend on what kind of policy you choose, the type of business you run, and the location of that business.

For people who operate a small business from a home, often no commercial insurance is necessary. For those who have more traditional businesses, though, commercial policies are required. One of the main things the business owner’s policy will cover is liability. This is vital. If someone gets hurt on your property, your insurance policy will need to cover their medical costs. Often, that person will expect a settlement in lieu of taking you and your company to court, but either option is possible if the injured person can prove that your business was negligent. You need a policy to handle these kinds of issues.

Of course, you’ll also want your policy to have coverage for fire, break-ins, thefts, and the basics that any insurance policy would protect against for a structure. These are similar to homeowners coverage options, but they often have much higher limits. The contents of your business need to be covered, as well, and that should include both items that are made and ready for sale, as well as the parts that are still waiting for assembly. Don’t shortchange yourself on this coverage. It’s very important that you’re protected from financial loss if something should happen to your business. When it doubt, ask your agent if a particular item or issue is covered.