Tips on Preventing a Home Robbery in Mastic, New York

Any home, large or small, in an affluent neighborhood or not, always has the potential to be robbed. In Mastic, New York there are hundreds of home robberies each year, but in many cases, the robbery could have been prevented if the owners had taken some steps in preventing the robbery in the first place. Here are some tips to help prevent a robbery at your home:

Keep your landscaping neat. While this might seem like a vanity issue, having well-trimmed bushes and trees near your home will deter thieves from making your home their next target because there are few places for them to hide and scope out the property.

Hire a house sitter when you go away. This can be your neighbor’s teenager or a friend of yours, but make sure that someone is going into your home on a daily basis while you are away and your home is vacant. Consider parking a vehicle in your driveway, having the house sitter leave a light or two on and open and shut the curtains from time to time to give the appearance that the home is occupied. Also be sure the person collects the mail, newspapers and packages, since, left lying around, they make your home a prime target.

Install a security system. Having this, and a sign on the window or door that states the home is under surveillance is a great way to deter thieves. Even if you can’t afford a whole system, install stronger locks and make sure the window locks work.

Ask your insurance agent for suggestions. Many insurance companies will offer discounts to homeowners who take the time to implement basic security features in order to lessen the chances of the home being robbed. Your independent agent can give you details that are specific to your policy.

If your home isn’t yet burglar proof, take time this weekend to tackle one of these projects. It won’t take much time at all, and the results will last for years to come.

Why Should I Use a Local Insurance Agent to Compare Insurance Quotes in Mastic, New York?

Most people know that it’s possible to lower their insurance premiums by a significant amount of money each month. Perhaps you are one of them. Like many people, you probably haven’t contacted an independent insurance agent to compare rates. There are many reasons why people push this task to the bottom of their ‘to-do’ list: they don’t understand the technical jargon, they don’t know what they need to look for in a policy or they think it will take too long to take care of. Each of these problems are easily solved by having an insurance agent help you.

Getting the assistance of an independent agent will ensure that you are more likely to follow through and get a better home or auto insurance policy, or buy life insurance. They can help you compare policy quotes online, from a number of the nation’s top insurance companies.

Another benefit of using an agent to help you, is that they can easily answer all of your questions. That will take far less time than if you try to find the answers yourself, and you’ll be able to trust their answers, unlike some of the myths about insurance that are floating around online.

An independent insurance agent will also be able to help you understand the jargon in the insurance policies. Reading through all the fine print can be daunting, time consuming and confusing. Someone from your local independent agency can put the information in easy to understand terms so that you can easily understand the policy which you are buying.

If you’re in the Mastic or Selden, New York areas, then you can contact XL Brokerage, inc. for help getting a comparison of insurance policies. We are here to help you every step of the way, no matter which type of insurance you need or questions you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Can my Insurance Company make you Replace your Roof in order to Renew your Home Insurance in NY?

As a homeowner, who has weathered all of the storms that have hit New York in the last year, you may be quite concerned about your insurance premiums going up when it comes time to renew your home policy. . One of the big concerns is that the heavy rains and snows may have caused damage to your roof and it will need costly repairs. As your independent agent, we are here to assure people in Mastic, Selden and the surrounding area, that you should not worry too much.

Whether your roof suffered some damage, or is old and may need to be replaced fairly soon, will not stop you from getting home insurance in New York. It may, however cause your rates to go up. In very few cases will an insurance company demand that you completely replace your roof and refuse to renew your policy.

An insurance company is in business to make a profit and they cannot take high risks without charging correspondingly high premiums. If your roof is leaking or about to collapse, that presents a high risk situation to an insurance company. There is a strong likelihood that you will file a claim in the near future.

If a carrier knows that all of the wood is rotted on your roof and the shingles are missing, they would be foolish to renew your policy without you making the necessary repairs of adding a new roof. They might offer you insurance but quote you an outrageously high rate that might be almost as much as the cost of a new roof.

While you might be angry with such a quote, you should take it as a warning that you really need to get your roof back in good shape. You may be forced to pay a very high insurance premium if you have a mortgage on your Mastic home and a bad roof. In the long run, repairing or replacing your deteriorating roof will pay off by increasing the resale value of your home and keeping your insurance premiums at a manageable amount.

Flood Insurance for Mastic, New York Homeowners: Are you at Risk?

Properties zoned across the United States are either in a low, medium or high-risk flood zone. Homeowners nationwide can have the best homeowner’s insurance; however, it will not cover flood damage to a home. A homeowner’s insurance policy will not pay for loss to the structure, property damage or loss of contents due to flooding. As your independent agent, we can help with this policy if you give us a call.

Mastic, New York is a beautiful costal town situated in a high-risk flood zone. Residents in this area need to have a protection plan in place for high-risk water damage. These plans are only available through NFIP, a national insurance plan. Your independent agent participates in this program and can help with coverage in Mastic, New York.

The two types of policies available are private property and building property flood insurance. The standard insurance policy will not cover loss of contents. A home can be damaged due to flooding from tornados and hurricanes, such as seen in Hurricane Sandy. A home can also be damaged in situations such as broken water pipes or sewage back ups. In either case, a homeowner’s policy will not cover these damages due to water.

A mortgage company will require this type of policy protection as a necessity for any mortgage if the homeowner lives in a flood zone. The mortgage company wants to keep their investment on the home safe.

Homeowners should not get the federal disaster relief program confused with NFIP; they are not going to cover the same issues or equivalent amounts. As your independent agent we can help you set up a protection policy for your home, property and personal contents in Mastic, New York. In the event of a catastrophic event we want to make sure we have you covered. Give us a call today.