The Savings of Using a Local Independent Insurance Agent to Purchase a Policy in New York

When you’re living in New York, especially in the New York City metro area, it’s important to shop around to find the best deal when you need an insurance policy. Companies vary in how they calculate premiums, and getting quotes from several different companies when you need a policy helps you purchase the one with the lowest cost. The best way to get relevant quotes is to contact us to speak with an independent insurance agent about your insurance needs.

Independent agents work with a wide range of insurance companies and can gather quotes from all of these companies. On the other hand, captive agents will just help you get the best policy from the company they work for or its subsidiaries. If you want to truly compare rates and get as much savings as possible, an independent agent is the way to go.

After discussing what type of policy you’re looking for and what discounts you may qualify for, we will run quotes on the policy at many of the top insurance companies. We’ll show you these quotes and walk you through the process of deciding which company you would like to use for your insurance.

Although you can often get quotes from many different insurance companies on your own, it’s much faster to use an independent agent. Plus, local agents know the area well and are familiar with which insurance companies are most likely to offer the lowest rates for your demographic. Therefore, your local independent agent may even gather quotes from insurance companies you weren’t aware of and would not have considered on your own. The extra information you obtain from an independent agent can lead to significant savings on your policy.

Understanding What is Covered on your Homeowners Policy for Natural Disasters in Selden, New York

When trying to understand exactly what is covered on your home insurance policy in Selden, New York, it can get really confusing sometimes. You will naturally wonder if a natural disaster is covered, and it is important to discuss exactly what type of disaster is covered with your Mastic or Selden independent agent.

Even though every policy can be different, in general a basic homeowners policy in the Selden or Mastic area will cover your home and contents for a large range of natural disaster types. Typically these are referred to as "Perils," and will typically include the following:

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Lightning storms or a lighting strike
  • Weather damage including windstorms and hail damage (including damage to the roof/home from ice or snow weight)
  • Explosions
  • Any damage from a motor vehicle or from an airplane
  • Vandalism, even if not causing destruction (for example malicious mischief such as graffiti)
  • Damage from objects falling from above
  • Water overflow in some cases, such as issues with automatic fire sprinklers. This does not include all floods.
  • Freezing of the air conditioner, heater, plumbing system, or appliances due to weather conditions
  • Damage to the home of contents arising from an artificial power surge

Even though this list seems quite extensive, these are a number of things that are not typically covered by an average homeowners policy. For example, earthquakes, sink holes, landslides, floods, water damage caused by your backups or septic system issues and hurricane damage are not covered by the majority of home insurance policies in New York.

You can, however, get coverage for even those circumstances not included in your policy by purchasing additional policy riders. These will add a small amount to your monthly bill and will be a good way to make sure that any natural disaster that comes along will not be a huge loss for you.

Please feel free to contact us to speak with an independent agent who can customize a home policy for you today!

Mastic, NY Homeowners: Does My Insurance Policy Cover Flood Damage from the Hurricane?

Hurricane Sandy was a major natural disaster whose ferocity and strength took many people on the East Coast by surprise. As the damage, injuries and deaths mounted, residents awaited assistance from state and national rescue teams. Many homes were ruined by the enormous and powerful floods from the hurricane.

After a massive natural disaster like Sandy, homeowners in Mastic, New York were left to wonder whether their insurance policy covers flood damage from the hurricane. Because so many people in the region never dreamed that they could experience damage and flooding on such a scale, they were caught off guard.

They may have assumed that once they bought a home and purchased insurance for it, they would be protected against such natural disasters. Unfortunately for them, homeowners insurance will not cover them against damage from flooding. The residents’ homeowners insurance should compensate them for damage that was caused by the wind or falling rain, but not from the floodwaters themselves. For example, if a roof blew off of your home or if a falling tree damaged your property, you should be covered through your regular home insurance policy.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has made attempts to inform the public about the fact that they need to purchase separate flood insurance to protect themselves from events like Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy can serve as a wakeup call to homeowners to get serious about their insurance needs. We are standing by to help you. As your independent agent, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about arranging for separate flood insurance. Once you get the coverage you need, you should have peace of mind that you will be protected against any possible damages during the next big storm.

Natural Disaster Insurance: Are you covered from the Hurricane in Mastic, New York?

Any person who buys homeowners insurance in Mastic or Selden New York will have some questions for their agent about exactly what is covered under their policy — and it is always smart to make certain you fully understand your coverage rather than getting a terrible shock after your house is destroyed by a non-covered type of natural disaster.

Did you know that hurricane damage is one of the natural disaster types that is typically excluded from coverage in homeowners insurance policies in Mastic and Selden? This is actually common for any homeowners policies. Many different natural disasters are covered with the homeowners policy — for example fire, lightning, windstorms, hailstorms, explosions, riots, car or other motor vehicle damages, some accidental water overflows, pipe freezing, and power surge damage is typically covered.

However, that list includes several notable exceptions, and hurricane damage is one of those. Even homeowners who live in areas that do not typically get any hurricane damage will typically choose to get the fullest coverage that they can by adding a hurricane damage rider to their homeowners insurance policy.

Ask your independent agent about adding a hurricane rider to your homeowners policy if you want to be certain that you will be covered for any direct or even residual hurricane damage. The cost will most often be quite minimal and will not make a major difference in the amount that you will be paying each month. This small extra monthly investment will make a very huge difference if your home were to be seriously damaged or even destroyed by a hurricane: Your insurance policy can be what allows you to rebuild your home and repurchase your home contents.

Please give us a call to speak directly to an independent agent that can help you get the homeowners insurance, including hurricane coverage, that you need.