What you need to know about Property Damage Coverage in Selden, NY

Any residents of Selden, NY who own property are susceptible to property damage. The owner’s insurance policies are the same in Selden, NY as in any other city across the United States. However, in New York property damage associated with weather issues goes into great detail and has many different aspects to sort through. It will take the expertise of an independent agent to fine tune insurance policies to cover all property damage.

Property damage caused by vandalism, fire, wind, rain, snow, and hail are generally included in a full coverage policy. There has been much damage to properties in the last few years within the East Coast states, especially New York. And, owners are finding that the coverage they thought they had was not there when they needed it most.

Many homeowners have had to pay high amounts of money out of pocket because their insurance policy did not protect their assets, because they did not have the additional coverage they needed. What owners are discovering are there are many issues to numerous to mention when it comes to property damage caused by the weather. Owners are going to need special additional policies to cover the damages from weather that their basic full coverage policy does not cover.

Owners can buy an all risk policy. These policies will cover all damages to property, however the agent and homeowner will have to separate the exclusions and purchase an endorsement to pay for risks that are not covered in the basic policy. Owners need to read through their policies well and understand the coverage’s they are buying.

Owners need to understand the out of pocket amounts and the deductibles of their policy. The higher the insurance deductible the lower the monthly premium is going to be for the policy holder. Owners must carry insurance that is high enough to replace their home or business structure if it is totally destroyed.

It is highly recommended that if an owner lives in or near Selden, New York they find a skilled independent agent to help them with their insurance needs, and help fine-tune their policy to cover all risks.

What does Landlord Insurance Cover in Selden, New York?

A homeowner’s policy may not provide you with the coverage you need if you rent your Selden, New York home out for the season. Becoming a landlord for a few months or all year round, carries additional risks compared to occupying the home yourself. Having a paying tenant will probably not make it any more likely that your roof will leak or a windstorm will cause damage to the structure of your home. However, even good tenants, can overflow a bathtub and ruin your brand new wall-to-wall carpeting.

Landlord insurance costs a little more than homeowners insurance, but it protects you against both property damage and liability. For instance, if a tenant slips and falls on your property and gets injured, you may be held liable for their injuries. As long as you have a landlord insurance policy, you will not have to pay any settlement or judgment out of your own pocket.

As a homeowner in Selden, New York, you may want to cover your property for the replacement value of the home and have a$1,000,000 in liability coverage. Your policy should cover both the physical structure as well as your possessions inside of the home. Tenants are responsible for their own personal property and would be wise to take out a renter’s insurance policy to protect their belongings.

Landlord insurance covers such things like fire and vandalism. You are covered for most perils such as damage caused by windstorms or hail. Your landlord insurance does not cover damage from flooding. For that type of protection you need to purchase a separate, government backed, flood policy.

Your local Selden independent agent will probably recommend that you purchase a DP-3 dwelling policy which is considered an open policy. Under this type of landlord insurance policy, all perils are covered unless specifically excluded. Additionally, you get replacement cost rather than actual cash value, should you suffer a covered loss.

What are the Benefits of Using an Independent Agent in Mastic, NY to Purchase Insurance?

Consulting with and independent agent in Mastic, New York, can help a buyer discover the correct coverage for his needs at the best possible rates. Insurance needs and rates are based on risk, and a local insurance agent is best positioned to evaluate those risks and make appropriate recommendations.

Risks and the associated insurance costs can vary even within a relatively small area. A neighborhood near Brookhaven Airport could have more car break-ins than a neighborhood near Mastic Beach. Residents who drive and park their cars in the neighborhood with higher theft will have higher car insurance premiums. A Mastic, New York, independent agent can inform you of the potential savings and costs associated with each neighborhood. He can also give buyers tips on how to reduce their insurance rates even in high-risk areas. For example, adding a car alarm to a vehicle that will be stored in a neighborhood prone to theft can reduce the risk for that vehicle and the associated insurance costs.

Could a south Mastic home or business be at risk for flooding due to their location near the waterfront, or are other low-lying neighborhoods at risk? A Mastic, New York, insurance agent is prepared to inform residents and business owners of their risks and help them secure flood coverage as needed.

Damage and destruction to homes, vehicles, and other personal property is not pleasant to think about. A brief but informative meeting with an insurance agent can keep the time buyers spend focused on these things to a minimum while enabling them to get the necessary coverage. Health insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance and other types of coverage are also available through a local agent. Using the expertise of a Mastic, New York, insurance agent allows you to put his expertise to work for you then enjoy the benefits of making a smart insurance purchase.

How Every New York Driver Can Benefit on their Insurance from Taking a Defensive Driving Course

Insurance companies base the premiums they charge you on the anticipated financial risk you pose to the company. This means that if you are of a demographic that is more likely to get in accidents or drive a vehicle that tends to statistically be involved in more accidents, you’ll have to pay higher premiums. On the flip side, though, insurance companies will offer a discount if you meet specific factors that reduce your financial risk.

New York is one of the only states that requires insurance companies to offer a defensive driver discount of a specific amount. In New York, if you pass a DMV-approved defensive driving course, you’ll automatically receive a 10% discount on your auto insurance premiums. This discount lasts three years after you complete your course, after which point you will need to take another course to qualify for the discount again. Both classroom and online courses qualify for the discount.

Insurance companies benefit from providing this discount because it encourages drivers in New York to learn defensive driving habits. These habits and skills prevent millions of accidents every year, which in turn saves the insurance company money on claims. You benefit from it with a lower auto insurance rate, plus the skills to help you avoid accidents and maintain a clean driving and insurance record.

If you have not yet taken a defensive driving course, enroll in one right away. Then when you get your next insurance policy in Selden, Mastic, or other parts of NY, you’ll be able to apply the 10% discount to your policy. When you’re shopping for rates, let your independent agent know that you have taken the course to ensure the discount gets applied.